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EUNOMIA MAGAZINE – SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Scientific journal of the State University of Applied Sciences in Racibórz

The Eunomia scientific journal will tackle the problem of sustainable development understood as a new economic doctrine about how  to ensure the harmonious development of the economy on a global scale that does not damage the interests of future generations. The doctrine of sustainable development concerns all aspects of economy and culture.  Hence research into sustainable development is multi faceted cutting across scientific disciplines.

Sustainable development also implies deep economic, social and cultural processes. It requires redefining many existing concepts and values. Therefore, broad discussion by researchers from the various scientific disciplines on concepts, principles and phenomena associated with the concept of ​​sustainable development is extremely valuable. It is also important to include debate within the academic environment on the future shape of curricula at various levels to support the implementation of the principles of sustainability. Our magazine is ambitous in that it intends to become an important discussion forum on the principles of sustainable development, their implementation and ways of overcoming the inevitable barriers in the process of implementation. We invite colleagues, PhD scholars and students to submit their articles for  to the next issue of Eunomia magazine.


Scientific board of the scientific journal Eunomia

Important dates:

Deadline for submitting manuscripts:                                     October 15

Return of manauscript to Authors with reviews:                   November 15

Resubmission of manuscripts after author’s correction:        December 10


The accepted manuscript will be published in print and electronic version.