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The beginning of international cooperation – “Eunomia – Sustainable Development – Sustainable Development” with the partner journal of the American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland

“Eunomia – Sustainable Development” the academic journal of the Academy of Applied Sciences in Raciborz, which has been published since 2018, is poised to become an international journal. The two Academies are united by the common idea of broadly promoting the topic of sustainable development, and in the situation of post-pandemic and war reality, this idea – promoted in the journal “Eunomia” since the first issues – is gaining particular importance today. The university journal takes up the issue of sustainable development, understood as a new economic doctrine, the introduction of which can ensure harmonious development of the economy on a global scale that does not infringe on the interests of future generations. Sustainable development encompasses a wide range of issues at the intersection of many sciences, these are: corporate social responsibility, innovation in transportation, supply chain management, sustainable solutions in operations and logistics, emerging countries, renewable energy production/solutions, financial technology.

It should also be noted that “Eunomia” has been published as an “open access” journal since its inception, offering access to all issues in free, full-text access for all readers at In turn, the scientific value is evidenced by the fact that the journal passes the annual evaluation process and is indexed in the ICI Journals Master List database, which is an international indexing database of scientific journals, where – for nearly 20 years – submitted periodicals are evaluated, and a positive evaluation is a reflection of the level of development of the journal and the strength of its impact on the scientific world. Bearing in mind that scientific journals continue to remain an important tool for scientific communication and the creation of new knowledge, we are making efforts to include “Eunomia” in the list of scientific journals – Ministry of Education and Science.

The journal “Eunomia” publishes articles by scientists from abroad and Polish scientists, in its pages publish both established scientists and students who are just beginning their scientific path. It is therefore extremely valuable to have a broad discussion among researchers representing various scientific disciplines on concepts, principles and phenomena related to the guiding idea. This shows how important it is for the entire academic community to debate.

An opportunity for such a debate and the beginning of cooperation between universities of sciences will be the first edition of the FMOS research conference At the crossroad of Finance, Marketing and Operations for Sustainable Business June 8-9, 2023, in which lecturers from the Institute of Social Studies at the Academy of Applied Sciences in Racibórz are participating.

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