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New issue of Eunomia – Sustainable Development No. 1(104)/2023

Dear Sirs,

we would like to inform you that the latest issue of the journal of University of Applied Sciences in Raciborz Eunomia – Rozwój Zrównoważony – Sustainable Development nr 1(104)/2023 has been published.

The first issue of the biannual was devoted to economics and finance, sociology, security, education and engineering sciences. Publications in foreign languages dedicated to the humanities and social sciences have become a permanent feature in our pages.

Scientific articles are published by employees of the Academy of Applied Sciences in Racibórz as well as scientists from many other universities. In the current issue you will find articles by Dr. Monika Porwoł – lecturer at the Institute of Neophilology, Dr. Małgorzata Kuchta, Dr. Piotr Kalus and Dr. Andrzej Kowolik – lecturer at the Institute of Technology, Dr. Henryk A. Kretek – lecturer at the Institute of Social Studies, in addition to Prof. Wiesław Sztumski, Prof. Robert Geisler, Prof. Gabriela Kapica, Dr. Janusz Dworak, Katarzyna Bałdyga and Mgr. Zuzana Lynch, PhD, Mgr. Barbara Basarabová, PhD, Barbora Loudová Stralczynská, PhD.

“Eunomia” is not only about articles, you will also find many interesting reviews, such as the review by Dr Joanna Kapica-Curzytek, on the publication Hans Rosling, Ola Rosling, Anna Rosling Rönlud – Factfulness. Why the world is better than we think, or how to replace stereotypes with real knowledge.

Among the published articles, four texts by students and employees of the Academy of Applied Sciences in Racibórz deserve special recognition:

  1. Patrycja Kajtoch, Pedagogical therapy methodology and the functioning of a child with spina bifida – in primary school
  2. Marcin Auer, Małgorzata Kuchta, Heart Rhythm Abnormality Detection Band
  3. Szymon Jureczka, Dominik Jendrzejczyk, Grzegorz Szydełko, Hydrogen – information and properties of fuel of the future
  4. Paweł Stronczek, Adam Sniehotta, Paweł Ciuberek, Piotr Kalus, Krzysztof Polnik, Mateusz Drobny, Mateusz Milej, Mateusz Gwizda, Paweł Stronczek, Daniel Krybus, Andrzej Kowolik, Design and implementation of 3D printer as a modern implementation of sustainable development strategy

We would like to wish you a fruitful and enjoyable reading of the next issue of our semi-annual journal, and at the same time encourage you to reach for the archival issues, which can be found at .

We also encourage you to cooperate with the periodical and to publish in its pages.

Editorial team

Eunomia – Rozwój Zrównoważony – Sustainable Development

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