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IV Meeting of the Scientific Council of the journal “Eunomia – Sustainable Development”

On June 19, 2019, the fourth meeting of the Scientific Council of the journal “Eunomia – Sustainable Development – Sustainable Development” took place. The meeting of the Scientific Council was attended by the Chairman of the Council, the Rector of the Council –  Prof. Associate. dr hab. Eng. arch. Ewa Stachura, and members – prof. zw. dr hab. Eng. Arch, Jacek Włodarczyk, dr hab., Piotr Olender, dr hab. Eng, Bogdan Wysogląd, prof. Associate. Dr. arch. John A. Dee, dr Jolanta Gabzdyl, dr Katarzyna Rybińska, Editor-in-Chief, Piotr Mucha.

At the beginning of the meeting, the members of the Scientific Council were acquainted with the legal regulation of the Open Access issue – Institutional openness policy. It is planned to create a university policy template to clearly signal the promotion of Open Access.

The next item discussed the creation of provisions regarding the tasks, structure and areas of cooperation of the Editorial Board in the regulations of the PWSZ Publishing House in Racibórz.

This was followed by a discussion of issues concerning the fourth issue of the journal in printed and electronic versions, which will be published in the fourth quarter of 2019. It covered deadlines for submitting application forms with abstracts in Polish and English, submission dates for articles, the return of articles to the authors together with reviews and resubmission of corrected texts to the editor following corrections.

Registration of the journal “Eunomia – Sustainable Development – Sustainable Development” in the Polish database of Cytowania POL-index is planned, which is part of the POL-on Higher Education Information System.

In closing, they were thanked to those involved in the development of the journal “Eunomia – Sustainable Development”.


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