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Raciborz, 2/14/2018


We are very pleased to invite you to contribute to the journal: “EUNOMIA. Sustainable development in technical sciences and humanities.”  We are also pleased to announce that all approved submitted articles will be published and advertised free of charge.

The Eunomia journal was founded by the State University of Applied Sciences in Racibórz and is an attractive publication option for specialists in the field of broadly understood technical sciences and humanities. We suggest submitting an article under one of the following  chapter headings:

Chapter  I – Business, finance and management strategies in the global economy.

Chapter II – Law and policy instruments for change processes.

Chapter III – Sociology, state security and cyberspace transformation processes.

Chapter IV –  Education, sport and tourism challenges to sustainable development.

Chapter V – Ecology, environmental protection and architectural and urban issues in the context of sustainable development.

Chapter VI – The multidimensional nature of sustainable development.

Chapter VII – Сталий розвиток – проблема інтердисциплінарна [Article in Ukrainian].

The published article will be available on the website and indexed in many databases. This is our asset. In addition, the article will be published in an open access format to ensure maximum dissemination among the largest audience. Please forward our invitation to your co-workers and others who may be interested in sending articles on current issues and sharing the results of research. In the above-proposed context, we invite you to participate in the sustaianable development discourse through articles of the types:

  • research paper,
  • critical review paper,
  • critical assessment /perspective,
  • special issue article,
  • rapid communication,
  • case studytechnical note.

The article should be submitted before September 30, 2018. The date of publication of the next issue of the journal in electronic and printed form is November 2018.

Thank you for accepting our invitation and waiting for the message at the address;


phD Henryk A. Kretek

Editor in Chief

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